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Experience Big Red's Exciting Journey on Avax!

Revolutionizing Avax: Big Red's mission to empower crypto innovation and community engagement.

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Contract address: 0x87bbfc9dcb66caa8ce7582a3f17b60a25cd8a248

Introducing Big Red

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Embracing Tradition

Empowering Innovation

Discover the fusion of tradition and innovation with Big Red, the cryptocurrency initiative on the AVAX blockchain. Learn how Cornell University's esteemed legacy intertwines with cutting-edge blockchain technology to redefine decentralized finance.

Community Members
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Roots of Excellence

Cornell University's Influence on Big Red

Explore the rich history and traditions of Cornell University, the inspiration behind Big Red. From iconic colors and mascots to pioneering research, delve into how Cornell's influence shapes the ethos of innovation driving the AVAX blockchain.

Cornell, Founding in 1865 in Ithaca, NY
Ivy League Land-Grant University
Empowering Blockchain Learning

Empower Yourself with Avalanche of Education

Explore the world of DeFi with Avalanche of Education. Our expert-led courses, interactive lessons, and vibrant community empower you to build foundational knowledge, gain essential skills, and navigate the digital market with confidence and reduced risk. Designed for everyone, from beginners to OGs, our platform connects you with like-minded enthusiasts, helping you grow your network and earn AVAX rewards as you master blockchain technology and digital markets. Don’t be a victim; equip yourself for success.

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Decentralized Dynamics

Understanding Big Red's Tokenomics

Uncover the fundamental principles governing the Big Red token ecosystem. Learn about token distribution, utility, and the mechanisms ensuring network security and stability.


Liquidity Pool




Marketing & Team


Prelaunch Marketing


Buy/Sell Tax
  • 1% Burn
  • 1% Education Fund
  • 1% Marketing
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Meet the Visionaries

The Team Behind Big Red

Meet the visionary minds behind Big Red. Discover the diverse expertise and shared commitment to revolutionizing decentralized finance through collaborative innovation.






Web2 Dev
Christopher Gilles Fourquier

Christopher Fourquier

Lead Developer

Frances Regina 

Frances Regina 

Head of Growth and Partnerships
Crypto Kid Finance

Crypto Kid Finance

Finance - Marketing



Marketing Advisor
Utility expansion within the AVAX ecosystem


Chart the course of Big Red's journey towards technological advancement and community growth. Explore the roadmap milestones driving development, adoption, and utility expansion within the AVAX ecosystem.

Big Red Socials

A platform where you can compile all your social links under one space.


A platform where developers and industry experts can sell services in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Cornell Sponsorship

In efforts to support education and pay homage to the place where Avax was incubated, as official sponsors of the entrepreneurship program, we will be hosting webinars and sponsoring multiple events at Cornell University to maximize exposure for Avax and Big Red.

Avalanche of Education

Our education program where newcomers can learn about safety and the basics of crypto trading.


Want to swap your tokens in a secure and cost-effective environment? Our aggregator is designed for you.

Staking Pools and Farms

Our Staking DApp offers competitive solutions to allow you to incentivize your holders through staking pools and farms.

Volume Bot

Dapp accessible bot, generating volume (buys and sells) on any token. This allows users to adopt trading strategies to add volume as naturally as possible.

Multi Wallet Buying Bot

Looking to be able to fill up many wallets with a single buy? This utility is made for you, with up to 30 wallets at a time.

Contract Creator

Need helping creating a contract? Let us know what you need and we can generate the corresponding contract for you.


Need to lock your Tokens, LP, or NFTs for a period? Our vault will help you secure your assets.


Coming in the near future, a full launchpad integrating all the functionalities presented above. This launchpad will be uniquely automated with robust anti-rug features.

Executing transactions on AVAX

How to Buy

Navigate the process of acquiring Big Red tokens with ease. From selecting a compatible wallet to executing transactions on the AVAX blockchain, follow our step-by-step guide to join the future of decentralized finance.

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Let's start the journey

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Empower crypto innovation and community engagement

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